Welcome to the FAQ. If you have a question that isn't located here, feel free to contact us.


 1. How does iMusic Music work?

Answer: iMusic Music is a service for artists to upload singles, albums, and pre-releases digitally. We also provide livestream concerts and sell merch while the concert is ongoing. Artists are also able to upload music through the Artist Submission page. The music that is uploaded through our website is also submitted to billboard and sales are tracked.


2. Do you offer only digital services?

Answer: We also sell physical products such as vinyl records, cassettes, and merchandise.


3. How will I be able to attend live concerts through iMusic Music?

Answer: We will e-mail you a link that you are able to access through your account.


4. Do I have to make an account to make a purchase?

Answer: No, you are not required to make an account to complete a purchase.


5. Why should I make an account with iMusic Music?

Answer: With an account, you're able to have quicker checkouts and you'll be updated about new pre-releases, digital singles and album releases, and more. It is recommended you create an account but it is not required.


6. I'm an artist, how do I start my own livestream concert?

Answer: Contact us here and we will help set up a livestream concert.


7. Do music purchases count towards billboard?

Answer: Yes, music you purchase from our website also counts for billboard. Bundles, however, do not count towards billboard due to billboard's rules


8. Do bundles count towards billboard?

Answer: No, bundles do not count towards billboard.


9. How do I submit my music?

Answer: You can submit your music here or you can go to the bottom of this page and click "Artist Submission."


10. How can I keep up to date with new music, merch, and livestreams?

Answer: You can sign up with our newsletter at the bottom of the page to keep up to date with the latest iMusic Music releases.  A calendar is also provided in the Events section in the main menu above.


11. I have a question that hasn't been answered, how do I get in contact with someone?

Answer: The Contact tab lists our business hours, phone number, and P.O. Box. You can call us at (478) 292-6500 or fill out the contact information form. Click here to be directed to the Contact page.


12. How do I submit multiple files in the Artist Submission form?

Answer: There are two ways to upload multiple files. The first way is by clicking the "Choose File" button, click on your file, then click "Open." Click "Choose File" again to choose another file, then click "Open" again. The second way is to click "Choose File" then ctrl click your files. There is a maximum 3 files that you can upload for your form for a clean version, explicit version, and artwork. You can also upload multiple singles, but they must be in a zip file.


13. Can I upload a single and album or multiple singles and an album at the same time?

Answer: Yes. If you have multiple singles, convert them to a zip file. Also convert your album to a zip file.


14. How do I find a song, artist, or album?

Answer: If you know either the song name, artist name, or album, click the magnifying glass icon in the top right hand corner. Type the song name, artist name, or album and it should be displayed under the search bar.


15. I have to upload an album. How do I zip my album tracks into one file?


If your album tracks are in a Folder:

First, right-click the folder and hover your pointer to Send To. Click Compress (zipped) folder and rename your zipped file if it is not already properly named.

If your album tracks are NOT in a Folder:

Ctrl click each album track including your album artwork. Then, right-click. Next, hover your pointer to Send To, then select Compress (zipped) folder. Name your zipped file the name of your album.